Every now and then even the stupidest person will be struck with such a fabulous idea that it could only be recorded through some poetic device. Actually, most stupid people don't get ideas, but I do.

Me, lost. Helper girl.
Save me, direct me! I shout
Name: Miss Direction.

There once was a limerick of thought
Explaining how life was for naught
I'd tell you the rest,
assured it's the best
But I don't want to.

Girls smell like candy
my roomie says it's their job
god bless fruit salad.

I study Crito
This squirrel wants my lunch, go home!
I go back inside.

Squirrel in the trash can
He digs for dinner, yummy
I love all rodents.

She has an accent
My math teacher is from Mars
The babes are yawning.

The Poem of the Firey Death King of Happyfun Kitten World

Sweet kitten kisses,
lovely friend desire
Wants needs wishes,
burning passion fire

Deadly poison bomb,
sword explosion axe
blood and bile, feces.com
corpses guns anthrax.

Roses dancing hugs,
unicorn confection
pretty lady bugs
rainbow pink perfection

Shooting thorn war
snake missile pain.
Volcano violence gore,
eternal killing flame.

Telnet to Linux
reminds me of DOS and MUDs
I program dragons.

These divisors hurt
I go nuts programming them
Computer science!

C++ is dumb.
Who enjoys while( loops this much?;
I prefer "goto";