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11 August 2002

I did a GWI, had a dream and made a little something something. I was more busy being a Cop Killa, sticking 8 picks in sorcery and waxing my banana though and the site suffers for it.

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5 September 2002

Holy melting ice cream, RobotMiser is back at the keyboard/steering wheel/magic creation device. I'm at my new home and classes have started. Right now I'd take the opportunity to say that I miss everyone back home but I don't do that sort of thing on this page. Also, there's not much to miss. Except sweltering car rides to places where fathers spank their sons and vendors touch the ass of patrons violently because he swears he didn't take the dollar. And it's OK to yell really loud when you blow someone's head off. And 'mise' is acceptable. And the phone lines are shit. And I didn't have cable. And I wouldn't ever do that to a brother. Not even a white guy would do that to a brother. And I haven't seen him, sorry ma'am. And I don't want to buy a wrist watch. And I would like to know why it's called 7-11.

In other news, I am a poet(and know it). I am also a cartoonist, arguably. Except I won't entertain any arguments so I am definitely a cartoonist.

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8 sept 2002

I had another dream and that was about it. People are whasl and some are mise. That is all.

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Music: Fatboy Slim - Live on Brighton Beach

9 September 2002

I wrote some more Very Good Poetry but that's about it. I got some more ideas for a big thing but I don't have the big thing maker so that's still on hold. Lasts 3-5 days.

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Music: The Union Underground - Turn Me On Mr. Deadman.mp3

26 September 2002

I mised some GWI and also a dream. I'd do more but I didn't so I won't. Nyah.

Mood: *| (tired as fuck)
Music: Incubus - Morning View - 02 - Circles.mp3

6 October 2002

I'd apologize for the seriously serious lack of updates but I won't. Instead I'll post some random dream and make some vague promise about some big project in the making but in actuality it's just me forsaking the site for naps and reading catch-22 and sleeping and naps and watching invader zim and bad movies I keep downloading and trying to mise a babe and a constitution for the thing since I got 5 people and waiting forever to get a freaking sub and naps.

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Music: warp brothers - Blast the Speakers.mp3

11 October 2002

I had another dream since I sleep (almost) every night. One of the characters had a reappearance and hopefully will become more than just a cameo, iykwim, which you don't. The Big Thing is on its way here but my love for being vague will still prevail. Vague or incoherent. Squeeze fast man.

Mood: |) (just woke up, bored, hungry, eyes still squinty)
Music: kidney thieves - zerospace.mp3

18 October 2002

OMG wtf lol plz tks I have been updating less than shyt. The Big Thing really is on it's way, in about 11(million) years. Or 4 days. Or 2 weeks. I did have a dream, however so you can't say it was an empty update. Really I've just been skipping out on random stuff for the betterment of other pursuits. Like not going to class so I could get a sub. Or sleeping in instead of taking a mid-term. Or watching the sunrise instead of going to work(?). None of these actually happened, so don't worry your pretty little UPDATE HUNGRY sweet RUTHLESS gentle VORACIOUS SELves.

Mood: :: derf derf whatever
Music: PROPELLERHEADS- Crash!.mp3

19 October 2002

I had another dream today mise! The Big Thing is being savagely delayed because the stupid Big Thing Maker was made by a Big Idiot Company who is Anal about Piracy and I am in Fact, a Pirate. Instead, I will do Random things for an Undefined amount of Time. Some of these things Will include capitalizing Random words and having Weird dreams. Maybe I will even Mise a little.

Mood: ($) I really Do not Know anymore.
Music: moby - Live DJ Set X-Mas Rave.mp3

22 0ctober 2002

Wow. That was really freaking weird. What I refer to is the most recent dream I've had. There's two others posted today also but I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one was 'the weird one'. I also wrote a little more Very Good Poetry. I also did this thing. Huzzah!

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Music: psycho - Radio In The Underground.mp3

25 October 2002

Since there will never be a Big Thing anymore, I'll just do a lot of stupid little updates. I had a short and weird dream last night and also drew one or two GWI's. If you haven't been watching the news recently, there is an open invitation to drive me to get my hair cut. Don't let this exciting opportunity pass you by! Be the object of everyone's envy when you tell them you went with eli to get his hair cut! MWHAHAHAHA

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26 October 2002

I had a friend over today who brought his digital camera and we had some fun with that. I think I had a dream, too. This is more of a sorry ass blog than anything else, but that's my middle name. As is lazy, miser, robot, freakjoke, goatboy, gangly, and..stuart.

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31 October 2002

I was at some weird place for halloween and eventually crashed at the house of the friend who drove me there and got Very Discounted Tickets. I then had a dream while sleeping there. And then I was complete.

Mood: derf derf tired-d-d-d
Music: BT- Never Gonna Come Back Down.mp3