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25 July 03
Oh crap, I have been so neglectful to this little slice of internet. It makes my eyes bleed to think of what I haven't done for this site. And tripod caught on to my little ad dodgery game and fixed it. Fackers. Dreams, naturally. And a short Neovombler. And a GWI. Cleanup aisle five.

8 Aug 03
I wrote a little something on why I write/what it's like to write Neovombler and everything in this area of the website.

16 Nov 03
Oh snap. I have really not done much with this site and I say that every time and I mean it. My lj has taken over some parts of this site and also I am lazy. I did a GWI which you can see by clicking the appropriate link on the side over there.

1 jan 2004
I have been exceedingly lazy in regards to this page. It has kind of fallen off my radar. School is no more and school was incidentally its greatest source of inspiration. I did, however, add on a section i promised more than a year ago. You can see it here. It is stupid. It is stories. It is stupid stories.

10 apr 2004
I won't even begin to apologize for siteular negligence. instead, i will direct you to this page which demonstrates my awesomeness as it applies to things with 4 wheels.