Neovombler was enjoying a dinner with George Bush, Homer Simpson and the Horsehead Nebula when there was a thump and a screech. Then another screech followed by a second thump. Neovombler had never attended a dinner with accompanied thumps and screeches.

Somewhat suddenly, George Bush vanished and the Horsehead Nebula spun around furiously in its galactic chair. Homer turned a bright shade of blue and shrunk in size rapidly. None of this would be surprising in the least bit, but this was the third time this month it had happened.

"Not again," said Neovombler. He stepped out of the Sense-o-Tron and unplugged it. He heard a laugh from the other side of the room.

"Leetboy, go home."

"lololol man!!!1 i 0wned ur senseoshit man haha u r so stupied!"

"Go away."

"no way do0d u coudlnt do sheit w/o me i am importent 4 u. lets go to walamrts and stael some candy want to man??"

Neovombler went to get his shoes and some aspirin.